Bastille Day

Yesterday I celebrated Bastille Day in my backyard swimming pool with French cheese, French wine and French kisses with 50 of my closest friends.  I wish you all could have been there. It was probably the best party in the world.  Of course the original storming of the Bastille at the beginning of the French Revolution was an entirely different affair. If you’d like to read about the French Revolution, let me recommend my most recent book ABUNDANCE, A NOVEL OF MARIE ANTOINETTE .  It’s told from her point of view in the present tense, her life as she lived it day by day, from the day she crossed the Rhine river from her native Austria into France, only fourteen years old, on her way to marry the future Louis XVI, age 15, whom she had never seen before to the day she mounted the steps to the guillotine, a victim of the revolution. July 14, 1789 is the beginning of a period of time known as The Terror, and it’s a terrifying story to read.  But today July 14 is a holiday, celebrating the creation of a new French nation, rather like July 4 for United States citizens.  I drank a toast to France and to Abundance, A Novel of Marie Antoinette and also to my new novel Adam & Eve which can be pre-ordered now and goes on sale September 28.

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